Sunday, May 16, 2021


Hello Friends,

I'm going to start this post a bit different because I have a challenge for you. I wish everyone would Thank at least one veteran this Memorial Day. I don't know, maybe you already do. I have a soft spot for Veterans because my Day, My Hero was a WWII veteran and POW. My husband and my son are both veterans. This is the day to Thank them, not only those who have died for this country, but those who have served and are serving.  They have made huge sacrifices for our Freedom. 

So, this all comes with why I created this Patriotic Gift Box. Fill it with treats or whatever you want. Take them out with you and just hand them out. So many times we would be eating out or doing something somewhere and someone would come up to my Dad and Thank him, even pay for his meal. We can all be that person. It really makes a difference. Hope you enjoy the Box! Hugs!

Every year I like to make a Patriotic Box for either Memorial Day or the 4th of July, this can be used for either, even Veterans Day. So easy and fun to fill with some Patriotic Chocolates.

Thank you all for listening to me preach, but it's the Love for my country and te respect for those who served or are serving! 
Many Blessings!


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