Sunday, October 29, 2023

DIY Penguin Character Treat Box Tutorial: A Festive Christmas Craft

 DIY Penguin Character Treat Box Tutorial: A Festive Christmas Craft
Stampin'Up® Demonstartor, Angie Pyjas

Happy Sunday Friends!

The holiday season is the perfect time to get your craft on, and what better way to do it than by creating a delightful DIY project that's both fun and functional? In my video tutorial, "DIY: Unveiling the Character Treat Box Tutorial - You Will Want To Make This One for Christmas!!!," I'm going to show you how to craft an adorable Penguin Character Treat Box using cardstock paper. This festive treat box is a creative way to spread holiday cheer.  I believe this is the 15th in this Character Box Series. I have been doing these for several years, I actually lost track of how many of these I have made.😁

I love how this Penguin turned out and you don't really need a bunch of supplies. I have something for every holiday just about, from Halloween to Easter, St.Patty's Day, and several for Christmas. But, it all started with the Uncle Sam I created quite a few years ago. Hope you enjoy the sweet penguins! Fill these with some sweet Christmas goodies and I know someone will love you for it!😁


Step-by-Step Instructions on how to make the Penguin Caracter Box.

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