Sunday, November 21, 2021

Diy Christmas Chocolate Box and Gift Card Holder

 Hello Crafty Friends!

Happy Sunday! It's countdown to Turkey Day for all in the U.S. What's everyone doing this year? We are spending ours with our family this year. Last year was such a different and difficult year for many. We have a Lot to be Thankful For. 

I'm sharing a Chocolate box and a gift card holder today. You have many options with this box. You can have a flip top, a window and a gift card holder or you might not want to have any of them, it's all up to you. 

I went a bit crazy making these, but I had so many ideas for them and I actually need them for Christmas this year. Hope you enjoy all the ideas! All these Stampin'up Bundles are some of my favorites this year. The one I used for the video is the Sweet Little Stockings Bundle. This one is very versatile.

Have a Blessed Sunday Friends!


Step by Step Instructions on how to make the Chocolate Box and Gift Card Holder

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  1. What size, ounce wise, is your candy bar please? These are so cute!! Thank you for sharing :)