Tuesday, March 30, 2021


Hello Friends!

So the Retiring List is out and I want to say, things goes so fast this time of year, because there are things also discounted. If you haven't checked out my Retiring List video, check it out here. I also show the discounted items and the prices. 

So today's card is a Baby Shower Card. A friend is having a baby and it's actually a reveal party and I thought I would create a card for the Occasion. These Reveal parties are so popular these days. I see them all over You Tube as well. We never had anything like this! BooHoo!😂

Which do you like better, I'm partial to Giraffe's, so I know which I like, but I love hearing from you!
The background is so easy a beginner can do it and it's really fun using the Blending Brushes and the masks.

Thank you all again for always supporting me and for stopping by. I'm truly Blessed to have met many of you, whether on the Internet or in person. Have a Blessed Day!


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